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Paint and body

Cobra in dirt license covered.jpg

Paint services

Our paint department can provide you with high quality paint jobs by using quality materials. Our facility offers:

  • State of the art Garmat heated down draft paint booth

  • PPG Waterborne paint system

  • Seasoned experts in solvent-based paint systems such as PPG, Glasurit, and Sikkens

  • Extensive experience with House of Kolor Kandies, pearls, and PPG Vibrance custom paints

Body Work

Proper body-work is essential to create a paint job that not only looks like a mirror but will also last a lifetime. TNT Paintworks is home to some of the best body men in the west and with their skills, your vehicle will leave with a finish better than factory. This is done through meticulous shaping that corrects factory blemishes while still retaining the vehicle's natural shape. Once you see one of our completed projects, you'll understand what you've been missing.

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