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M37 Power Wagon



-Magnum 408 stroker engine

-NV4500 transmission

-Sniper EFI

-Vintage Air 

-Military Spec lighting

-Custom fiberglass top

-Hanging Pedal setup

-Tilt steering wheel

-Porsche Slate Grey paint

-Red interior

This project exhibits our skills in metalwork and fabrication. We are taking the bones of an old industrial machine and creating our own modern interpretation of what the truck could be. The engine bay will house a Fuel Injected Magnum 408 stroker in front of a NV4500 5-speed. To combat wind noise we have custom fabricated upper door frames and door jambs on the aftermarket fiberglass top. This will allow us to use actual door weatherstripping to give a more pleasurable ride. Throughout the truck, you can find these small details that come together and make it something truly special. 


finished build

Final Assembly

Final Assembly

Base and Clear

Base and Clear

 Second round + RAptor