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raven black patina


Coyote upgrades

4R70W Transmission

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PPG Raven Black Patina

This 1973 Ford Bronco started its life as a Raven Black Explorer. The owner of TNT Paintworks, in years past, had already done all the metal work - starting this Bronco on its path to restoration. Well the time is now. This Bronco will be fully restored to its original roots with an upgraded drivetrain and Coyote accessories. It will be stripped down to bare metal and meticulously repainted the original Raven Black with a Patina flair. Paying attention to every detail.

What is patina on old cars?

A paint that's rewriting history
Rather like us humans, the life story of a car can often be told by the ageing of its skin – its paintwork – otherwise known as patina. Increasingly in the classic car world, patina means everything. Until now, a car's patina and its provenance went hand in hand.




chassis assembly

engine fitment

metal work